Wheel Loader BME-1565

A multipurpose loader of 2 ton carrying capacity is used for driving the energy-consuming implement machines: road scrapers, big ice blowers and others.

Technical characteristics

Max scoop height 3485 mm
Height of unloading scoop by cutting edge at the angle 45◦ 2675 mm
Load capacity on a bucket beam 2000 kg
Operating weight 5750 kg
Dimensions (l, w, h) 6290/2100/2820
Reverse reduction gear Two-stage switching ranges on a stopped car
Engine D243 production of the Minsk Motor Plant, Belarus
Engine capacity 81 h.p./ 60 kW
Max speed 40km/h
Fuel consumption under load 3.8-5.1 kg/h
Fuel rate 0.05 kg/ton
Tank capacity 120 l
Main brake Disk in oil bath, hydraulically operated, integrated into the back bridge, with membrane pneumatic hydraulic accumulator.
Parking and reserve break Disk, dry with a drum and cable-control.
Lifting equipment control Three-section hydraulic control valve produced by Hydrocontrol S.p.A
Operating pressure 200 bar
Fluid stream to Integral implements drive 70 l/min
Road clearance 335 mm
Turning radius 4.9 m
Wheels Wide profile, cross-country capacity