Wheel loader BME-2575

An all-purpose loader of 1,8 ton carrying capacity with dump height increased to 3 m.2123

Technical characteristics

Max scoop height 3850 mm
Height of unloading scoop by cutting edge at the angle 45◦ 2950 mm
Load capacity on a bucket beam 2500 kg
Operating weight 8000 kg
Dimensions (l, w, h) 6520 / 2480 / 2830 mm
Transmission automatic, hydrostatic, dual-band, Bosch Rexroth (Germany)
Reduction gear two-stage, with synchronizers
Engine JCB 444 T3 TCA-74,2kW
Engine capacity 100,9 h.p./ 74,2 kW
Max speed 40 km/h
Fuel consumption under load 4.7 - 6.35 kg/h
Tank capacity 120 l
Drive bridges with a self-locking differential and final drives epicyclic gear, production Dana (Italy)
Main brake dual-circuit brake system with separate hydraulic drive brakes in front and rear axle, multi-disc brakes in oil bath
Parking and reserve break combined with rear axle main brake with mechanical cable linkage
Lifting equipment control three-section distributor, production HYDROCONTROL SpA
Operating pressure 210 bar
Fluid stream to Integral implements drive 130 l/min
Road clearance 395 mm
Turning radius 5.3 m
Wheels Wide profile, cross-country capacity, 17.5 - 20